Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about varsity swim team and volunteering opportunities

An announcer is needed for all home swim meets to announce meet events and results.

A volunteer is needed to take money at the door for the swim meet and to also take money for concessions (water & gatorade/powerade).

A computer system is in place for entering swimmers’ meet performance times at home swim meets.    Two volunteers are needed to run the computer timing equipment.

Six timers are needed per meet to time an event in each lane.  Off-season swimmers are encouraged to assist with this task.

End of Season Banquet
The end of the season banquet is a time to celebrate the team’s accomplishments with one last meal.  Each class is assigned an item to bring such as side dish or main dish.  Parents and families are all invited to attend.

There will be multiple opportunities for swimmers and their families to participate in fundraisers over the course of the season.  Ideas for specific fundraisers are always welcome and appreciated.  Please contact the Booster Club for further information.

Parents provide meals for swimmers after meets for both our team and the opposing team. Team dinners will be provided to swimmers each week (see calendar for details).  Team dinners are an opportunity for swimmers to get to know each other on an informal basis while sharing a meal.   There are occasionally other meals at restaurants throughout the season, such as Subway on the day of the league meet.  Typically, parents provide snacks for the large meets such as the Haslett Invitational and the League meet.

Economic hardship should never prevent a swimmer from participating on the swim team.  Funds are available to assist with purchase of a swim suit, goggles, team t-shirt and other necessities.  Please contact the Booster Club for further information.

Shave down
Half night
—this shave down usually occurs on the Tuesday before the league meet (near the end of February).  Swimmers design ways to shave their hair that are fun and unusual.
Full night
—this shave down occurs on the Wednesday before the league meet.  Swimmers shave off all their hair and many will “Bic” their hair/scalp at that time.  It is a good idea to have a hat ready to wear home that night.
* Hair usually grows back well for a nice graduation photo in June.

Healthy snack choices include, but are not limited to: bananas, bagels, granola or energy bars, water etc.

Swim Suits
Team swim suits are purchased by each swimmer.  Suit design will be determined at the beginning of the swim season so that suits are available for the first swim meet.

A swim team t-shirt is typically designed by seniors & captains in the fall before the season begins so that t-shirts can be worn to girls swim team meets and so that swimmers can advertise the upcoming season.  Every effort is made to keep the t-shirts reasonably priced.

Team Movie Nights
On occasion, the swim team will gather at a team member’s house to watch a movie (usually pizza is included).  This is a great time for swimmers to get to know each other on an informal social basis.

See this website for calendar information as well as cancellation of swim practices due to inclement weather, pictures, meet results, videos and more!